Massage Rates

Please know that I am not expecting a tip with these prices for the massage.
If you do want to tip, it will be used towards those who need to have a sliding scale.
The very best tip is a referral to someone you know who would benefit from work!

If you need a massage and want to work with me but price is a barrier, call me and
we can negotiate. If you have an emergency situation in which you need immediate
attention, please let me know. I have times that may be arranged for this very situation.



Payment method:  Cash, Check or Credit card.  
Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.


60 minute massage - $75
75 minute massage - $90
90 minute massage - $105
90 minute Hot Stone massage - $115
75 minute Reiki session - $80



Five 60 minute massages - $340
(use within 6 months)
Five 75 minute massages - $400
(use within 6 months)
Five 90 minute massages - $455
(use within 6 months) 802.371.9922

Joann is an excellent and highly trained massage therapist and I feel very confident referring my patients to her.

—Dr. Heather Jerome
Vermont Back & Body Care, LLC