What I do

I believe the body is always present and communicating with us. It is my job to encourage the entire musculo-skeletal system to feel relaxed and safe as I introduce deeper pressure and invite the tissue and fascia to let go. 

To keep the body open and relaxed rather than responding with muscle contraction, I gradually introduce deep pressure and invite the tissue to let go of its stresses, open itself, and retrieve its equilibrium. This doesn’t mean I’ll be doing light massage if you’ve asked for firmer pressure.

It means I foster a sense of trust and draw on my intuition to allow your body to respond to the deep tissue work. I will always listen to you, as well, when you tell me what your body needs.  My education in a variety of bodywork methods allows me to create an effective strategy to address your massage goals.

Joann is a gifted massage therapist. She is one of the few therapists that I have found that can apply deep tissue massage in an effective manner. —Jeremiah M. Eckhaus, MD

What to Expect During a Massage Visit

On your first visit I will give you a brief medical form to fill out. You can print this form out and complete it before the appointment.

We will then chat a bit about the information you have provided. I will always ask you how your body feels today and what you feel you need from today’s massage whether it be an integrative deep tissue massage or a massage for relaxation.

I will leave the room for you to disrobe according to your comfort level and ask you to lie between the sheets before I knock to come back in. I ask that you communicate with me as things occur if there is something that is creating discomfort (such as my pressure, the level of sound in the room, the temperature, etc.). When I first work on you, I will be checking your comfort level more frequently than in later sessions.

You will be respectfully draped and covered throughout the massage with the sheet folded to expose only the area that I am working on.

I understand the importance of trust in a successful bodywork session. It helps you relax and strengthens my intuition in regards to where and how to address your session goals. Trust that I will never be offended or interrupted by any direct communication!