I have been seeing Joann monthly for about a year now to try and address chronic low back pain.  The massage therapy has been part of a suite of treatments that has, for the first time in nearly 20 years, relieved me of episodic spasms that are followed by weeks, sometimes months, of recovery.
-Drew Lamb

As I walked out of my first appointment with Joann I was amazed at how sprightly I felt.  She really focused on my hips in a way that no massage therapist had before.  It was wonderful when I woke up the next day and was pain-free for the first time in months....

Joann really listens to what we ask her to do, has a warm energy, and is capable of doing incredible deep work for muscle and joint pain.
-Lauren and Matt


Joann's ability to listen - both to what I tell her about myself and to my actual body- is extraordinary.  She is sensitive and smart.

Joann has an uncanny ability to know the exact spot that's in need, even if I don't.  She's truly a gifted therapist and one that everyone should consider.
-Jeremy Lesniak

Joann is extremely easy to talk to regarding any areas that may need work.  She made me feel comfortable from the start and listens to what I am saying.  She does not discount anything I might tell her as trivial and never downplays what I am feeling.

Joann Dwyer is wonderful about sensing when the body might be 'responding' to certain pressure; she often seems to know whether to ease up or continue the pressure in those cases.
-Carrie A.

Joann’s work is remarkably competent; her deep tissue work is bar none, but she also has that hard-to-find ability to sense where her clients are at, and meet them at the optimal place on the tissue spectrum for that person’s unique healing ability. I feel very confident referring my patients to her, whether injury recovery and specific patterns that need work, or just needing body support in general. -Erin J. Sepic, D.C.

Joann has worked on me regularly for several years. She is very knowledgeable and personable.  But mostly I keep going back because she gives really good deep tissue massages.

She has a clear knowledge of body structure and very effectively uses that knowledge to address my "problem areas" in a way that is empathetic and considerate.  I also consider her a very creative massage therapist, who demonstrates the ability to adjust her methods to meet my current needs.